credEcardplus rewards cashback

Cashback rewards saves you £££s

Saving with credEcardplus cashback rewards couldn’t be simpler. Every time you shop at our retail partners listed below you will earn a cash rebate on the amount you spend. Use your card to do all your shopping with the listed retailers, either in their shops or online, and you could save hundreds of pounds every year.
Plus the cash rebate is in addition to any other special offers or loyalty schemes that the retailer may offer you!

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How cashback rewards work

We will give you cashback on money you spend with participating retailers, in
arrears. The cash rebates are calculated based on purchases made in the period from 25th of the month up to the 24th of the following month. You will get the cashback in your account in the month following this calculation.

For example: if you do your shopping at one of the retailers involved in the rewards scheme, then any purchases you make will be calculated from 25th April to 24th May and the cashback percentage will be paid into your account in June.

credEcardplus online rewards

Save £££s online

Our brand new Online Rewards site offers you even more ways to save when you shop. With a credEcardplus account you can take advantage of online discounts, special offers and cashback from a wide range of products and services including: