Use your credEcardplus Visa debit card for your holiday travel money

The credEcardplus debit card is available for you to use worldwide – wherever you see the Visa logo – and at up to 2 million ATMs in 200 countries around the world.

Travel money made convenient, low cost and safe. The credEcardplus card can be used when you are on holiday as you travel and even when you are at home. You can use the card– wherever you are worldwide – home and away. Simply transfer money from your bank account onto the card or from a PayPoint outlet.

No need to convert travel money before you travel
There’s no need to convert your sterling into dollars, euros and or any other currency. Simply load your card before you travel, access your money as and when you need it… credEcardplus will automatically convert your cash to the relevant currency.

Safer than carrying cash on holiday
Don’t risk losing your holiday money by carrying cash. With credEcardplus, a stolen or lost card can be cancelled 24 hours a day, protecting your money instantly.

Unlimited travel uses
credEcardplus can be loaded and used abroad as many times as you like.

And when you return you can use the card at home

Upon returning from your trip abroad, your money is automatically converts back to GBpounds and you can use your card an account just like a bank account. credEcardplus costs as little as £0.46p and can save you hundreds every year on everyday shopping and treats. For full details on fees and costs see here.