Money tips for Travelling abroad

What is a travel money card?

A travel money card is usually a prepaid card that allows you to top up your card with cash and use it abroad to get local currency at an ATM or to pay for services at bars, shops and restaurants. A travel prepaid card lets you conveniently exchange to foreign currency without the hassle of going to get your currency from a bank or Post Office before you travel abroad.

Why choose a travel card vs. taking local currency:

In case your prepaid travel card is lost or stolen
We’ve all heard of holiday nightmares where people have had holiday money stolen from them or it’s been lost in the hustle and bustle of being on holiday, That’s where a prepaid Visa debit card comes in handy with a Lost and Stolen helpline that lets you cancel it immediately and gives you peace of mind that your money is safe. Also, if you have more than one card on your account you can continue using your holiday money with your back-up card.

Use your card on holiday and when you get home
Exchanging money at a Post Office, bank or currency exchange into your holiday destination’s local currency is a popular way to get holiday spending money. If you don’t want to exchange money every time you go on holiday and then exchange unused money back again when you get home there is another way. You can continue using credEcardplus in the UK as normal, as well as on holiday and you don’t have the hassle of converting your holiday money back to sterling at a loss to you. credEcardplus gives you access your money to any local currency at over 200 worldwide Visa accepting ATMs, and when you get home you can continue to use your card like a normal debit card as it’ll automatically show you the money you have in your account in sterling. Just check there are Visa accepting ATMs where you’re going.

Competitive rates

Our international exchange rates are competitive take a look at our Fees section of our website.

Free mobile app to check your balance at anytime
You can check your balance anywhere, at anytime, with our free mobile app.

A smart travel card for savvy travellers
Enjoy a stress free holiday with credEcardplus’s low cost, useful, flexible travel card for you to use on holiday with peace of mind that your money is safe if your card is lost or stolen.



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