credEcardplus money management envelope makes budgeting easy

Our money management tool allows you to set money aside to pay important bills. You simply tell it who to pay, when to pay, and how much, and the bill gets paid on time. Unlike other current accounts our current account won’t let you spend that money on anything else. It reserves this money for each important bill (or you can use it to save up for special occasion, for a treat or holiday). Just log into your account and set up an online Envelope for each bill you have to pay, or for the thing you want to save up for it’s just like having money behind the clock on the mantelpiece.

Relax your credEcardplus account will keep that money on one side to pay the bill, and will also send your money out on time. Don’t worry, if you are really short, you can always release money back from Envelopes if you do really need it for something more urgent.

download our money management guide