New to the UK? Or see yourself as an expat, immigrant or from overseas? Get wages and other income paid into an alternative to a high street bank account or current account

Get paid directly into a personal account with credEcardplus

If you have arrived in the UK and need an account to pay your wages into directly, all you need to do is provide your employer with a UK sort code and account number.
However if you don’t qualify for an account, credEcardplus comes with a UK sort code and account number, and once your wages have been paid, you can use your credEcardplus Visa prepaid debit card anywhere in the UK to access your money. As an expat, immigrant or from overseas you’ll be pleased to know you will also be able to send cash abroad at the click of a button!

New to the UK? Wanting to get a UK bank account but can’t due to no financial history?

Getting a bank account when you are new to the UK (Europe or worldwide) and do not have a record of financial history can often be difficult. credEcardplus aims to provide all with an alternative to a bank account, fees are ethical and low cost, you do not have to pay a minimum amount into your account each month and application is simple.
A credEcardplus account gives you a hassle free way to:
• Access your cash at ATMs (cash machines) and many supermarkets
• Pay your utilities bills including gas, electricity and water
• Pay your broadband and television licence direct from your account
• Transfer money to friends and relatives in the UK or abroad

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