Looking for a safe way to carry your travel money?

Looking for a safe way to carry your travel money?

Whether your trip abroad is for a holiday or business travel, if you run out of the currency and need a bit of extra cash it’s always a good idea to be able to access your money should you need it in an emergency or if you want to make extra purchases while you are away.

Safe way to access your money worldwide

If you are looking for a way to take an emergency stash of cash abroad or a safe way to carry excess money with you on holiday, credEcard comes with a Visa debit card that can be used to access your money at any ATM/cash machine or use like a conventional debit card to make purchases at retailers displaying the Visa logo.

No need to convert all your money to local currency before you leave for your holiday

credEcard can help you access your money abroad without having to exchange it to the local currency. So if you are not sure that you’ll be needing the extra cash you don’t need to convert it to the local currency and then have the hassle of converting it back when you get home.

Why choose credEcardplus while on holiday:

• Access your money worldwide at any ATMs/Cash machines that display the Visa logo
• Safer alternative to carrying cash with CHIP and PIN
• Keep an eye on recent transactions and check your balance from our mobile app
An alternative to a prepaid travel card
credEcardplus is prepaid debit card and comes with an online account and a mobile app.

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