Engage Classic Terms and Conditions

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Online Rewards

What do I need to do to join credEcardplus Online Rewards?

All you need to do is log in to your credEcardplus account and click the rewards button – you will then be taken to the rewards website.

How do I get discounts?

Your online discounts come in a couple of forms which you’ll see in the offer’s description. You can save by entering the special discount code provided once you’ve linked through to the retailer’s online store and you can also use offer links that have the discount applied automatically.

Can I earn Cashback with Online Rewards?

Yes, many of our online partners offer cashback on their products and services. You could get a fixed amount paid back or even a percentage of your purchases dependant on the retailer, just follow the instructions on the offer page and shop online as usual. The cashback amount will soon be displayed in your Online Rewards account.

Can I see the Cashback earned within my Online Rewards account?

Yes, when you make a purchase using the links from the Online Rewards website, the cashback you have earned will be added to the ‘my cashback’ section in your Online Rewards account.

Depending on the merchant, reporting can take between 24 hours to two weeks before appearing in your account.

How do I get the funds made from Cashback with Online Rewards?

Your cashback rebate will be transferred directly into your credEcardplus account every 3 months (January, April, July and October).

Where will I find the terms and conditions for credEcardplus Online Rewards?

They are located within your credEcardplus account, just log in to your account and go to the rewards page.