Who is JAM?

Delivered by JAM is the brand used by Intelligent Card Solutions Ltd and our partner who delivers credEcardplus rewards.

What is the % Cash Rebate I get from each retailer?

All %’s are shown within your account portal. Please login into your account.

I have 2 cards on my account, do we both receive credEcardplus rewards?

Payment for the rewards earned on both cards will be received onto your account for both cards to access.

Will the retailers on the scheme ever change?

Yes, we are continually working to add retailers to the scheme so that our cardholders get best value every time they use their credEcardplus prepaid Visa card. Retailers can also be removed from a scheme. You will find the most up-to-date list on our website.

Can I earn a Cashback Rebate when I buy petrol at ASDA?

Your credEcardplus can be used at ASDA Petrol Stations when you pay at a kiosk and you can earn a Cashback Rebate in the normal way. However you can’t use your credEcardplus at pay at pumps