Housing associations and credEcardplus

Whether you are working independently or in partnership with a credit union or local authority, providing your tenants with a credEcardplus current account and debit card will help reduce rent arrears, reward your tenants and,
with the help of our unique Envelope Facility™, help them manage their finances and pay their rent, council tax and utility bills on time.

The credEcardplus programme is free to all housing association partners and provides:

  • Current account, debit card, money management and rewards for all tenants
  • Reductions in footfall to the housing association from un-banked tenants
  • Tenant rewards programme
  • The ability to make monthly or annual ‘bonus’ payments direct to tenants – instantly
  • Full customer service support
  • Free initial and ongoing admin assistance, marketing support and training

Helping housing associations to achieve maximum financial inclusion

If many of your tenants are for whatever reason financially excluded, the result is a significant increase in costs and administration to your organisation. The credEcardplus current account and debit card is available to all your tenants regardless of their current or previous financial history, and will provide them with the service they need to receive benefits and wages, and maintain regular monthly rent payments to you through the Envelope Facility™.

For further information, please contact Geoff Leech at geoff.leech@credecard.com.

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