Since 2008, credEcardplus has developed from a simple prepaid card into the most reliable and versatile current account, debit card and rewards programmes available.

Working in partnership with credit unions throughout the UK, we provide essential bank-like facilities and money management services to 1000’s of financially excluded members and many more who are simply looking for an alternative to mainstream banking.

The credEcardplus programme is free to all credit union partners and provides:

  • Current account, debit card, money management and rewards for all members
  • A simple to use, instant payments facility
  • Immediate reductions in footfall and other administration duties
  • Full customer service support for you and your members
  • Free initial and ongoing admin assistance, marketing support and training
  • Fully compatible with existing CU back office software

Helping credit unions to achieve maximum financial inclusion

If, like many credit unions you have a significant number of members who for social or economic reasons are financially excluded, credEcardplus is the answer. The current account and debit card is available to all members regardless of their financial history – all that’s required is standard due diligence and there are no credit checks.

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Beat the payday lenders with our credEcard instant-issue loan facility

Issuing loans from the credit union is not only costly but is also a huge security risk. Reduce costs and risks with the credEcard Instant-Issue facility and distribute loans of up to £2000 from the credit union premises without the need to transport and then hold large amounts of cash.

For further information please contact Geoff Leech at

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